Altolamprologus Shell Compressiceps "Sumbu Dwarf "

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Altolamprologus sp 'Sumbu dwarf' is a substrate spawner native to Lake Tanganyika. The climate is sub-tropical with temperatures in the mid 70's to 80's and native waters for this fish are pH of 7.5. Males achieve a size of 2 inches and have the typical Altolamprologus compressed body shape. Females achieve a size of 1 inch and have a white body with some black vertical stripes.

When breeding this fish, you have to patient. It takes quite a while for the males and females to mature. When spawning, the males and females turn a dark color (sometimes completely black) and do quite a bit of displaying in front of the female's shell.

This is a good fish for the intermediate and experienced cichlid keeper. It is moderate to easy to care for, however it can be a somewhat picky eater until established and is susceptible to disease. Many specimens are wild caught, and a wild caught fish is as fragile as it is handsome. Captive breed specimens are generally more durable and easier to acclimate. An aquarium best suited to this fish would be at least 40-50 gallons with a sandy bottom and lots of rock formations for hiding places. Though plants are not essential, this cichlid does not burrow and will not harm them.