German Pre Order List 2021

Size Reference Note
3-6cm 1"- 2.25" No color (except Mbuna)
6-8cm 2.25"- 3.25" Color (predator still colorless)
8-10cm 3.25"- 4" Color (predator still colorless))
11-13cm 4.25"- 5" Color (Predator begin to color)
14-18cm 5.5"- 7" Color
This information is intended as a "guideline".
Of course there are deviations in the many different species.

SHIPPING 100% Live Arrival Guarantee
Sout West Cargo Range from $55 to $120
UPS Overnight $45 - $85
50% Deposit required once I confirm you order
All Orders must be submitted by 5/21
Expected shipment to arrive 1st week of June

Peacock/Hap $10 OFF PRICE
Mbuna $5 OFF PRICE

We know some of the prices are on the higher end this is because the flight from Germany to US are still very expensive due to covid. Hopefully as covid gets better shipping airline freight goes down. Female price are also a bit high because regardless if its female or a male. They still both take the same amount of space and weight in the box.