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We offers a Live arrival guarantee four hours after door delivery. In the unfortunate event that a fish arrives dead in the shipping bag, you must take a clear digital picture of the fish in an unopened bag and email it to within four hours of receiving your package. Live arrival guarantee is voided after the bags have been opened. will also refund(Not Store Credit) any DOA'S that involve carrier mishandling, which includes delays (More than 3 days), damaged boxes or water temperature extremes. DOA's must be reported the day of arrival and be accompanied by an emailed photo to ensure refund. 

25% DOA
We will refund 25% of shipping and the price of the DOA fish

50% DOA
We will refund 50% of shipping the and price of the DOA fish

75% DOA
We will refund 100% of shipping and 100% of all the fish. 
You keep the fishes that made it for FREE.


We will ship you a new fish to replace the DOA's at our own expense. 


UPS - $45 Overnight
We only ship on Mon - Wed


Southwest Air Cargo

Same Day:
Recommended for larger order Minimum $150 purchase. No Box Charge
Flat Rate $50



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