Mylochromis ericotaenia

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Scientific Name: Mylochromis ericotaenia
Common Name: Haplochromis thick bar
Average Maximum Size: 8”
Minimum Tank Size: 40G
Gender Differences: Dimorphic
Breeding: Maternal mouthbrooder
Temperament: Semi aggressive
Diet: Piscivore
PH Range: 7.8-8.6
Temperature: 24-28c
Water Hardness: Hard

Sex differences: Females and juveniles are attractive with four to eight vertical stripes which may be either partial or extend completely down the body. Males are stunning looking fish with a large extended sailfin-like dorsal. Males also have a blue sheen and are covered with red dots throughout the flanks and the dorsal males may also get a nuchal hump.

Aquarium behavior:The aquarium should be no smaller than 5 foot as these guys grow quite large a few rocks should be provided but also areas of open water the substrate as mentioned before consist of fine grade sand suitable tank mates are other Malawi Haplochromis or Aulonocara but shouldn’t be housed with small species as given the chance they will eat them.

Observed spawning habits:The male will build a small breeding platform and try to entice a female once they have bred females will hold for 28-30 days and usually have a brood of around 50 young.

Summary: Mylochromis ericotaenia are a stunning edition to any Haplochromis and Aulonocara aquarium with their sail like dorsal and stunning markings these fish are breath taking even the females unlike a lot of Malawi haps are quite stunning and you’ll be over the moon to own such an amazing species.