Aulonocara Baenschi Benga

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Origin and locale/variety: Nkhomo Reef--Malawi, Lake Malawi, East Africa

Size: Adults are usually 5.0 to 6.5 inches in aquarium environment.

Sex differences: Males obtain a beautiful bright yellow coloration with a metallic blue cheek. Females are silver/brown with hints of yellow.

Aquarium behavior: Aulonocara baenschi is a very undemanding cichlid. In the aquarium, they thrive in almost any community set-up. It is one of the most peaceful peacock species, even when breeding. It also seems to stay much smaller than many other Aulonocara. The fish accepts most any environment that has gravel/sand, rocks, and even live plants. Males nearly always--and females quite often--will "strut" in the aquarium with fins fully extended. This most likely gave birth to the name "peacock" cichlid.

You Need to Know: Not only do males develop their coloration and finnage over time, but coloration and finnage are especially variable among peacock males. In any given group that includes a number of specimens, there are likely to be a few extraordinary ("show") males, a larger number of above average speciCichlidsmens, and a larger number of average specimens. The average and above average groups can be encouraged to display better coloration by making them dominant within their aquarium and providing them with female companions. The aquarist should also be aware that immature peacocks are among the most drably colored of all aquarium fish.

Compatability: "Peacock" cichlids of the Aulonocara genus are among the most versatile of all the Rift Lake cichlids when it comes to compatability. Rarely is a peacock too aggressive for an African community setup. Rarely is a peacock not able to fend for itself when mixed with more aggressive species.


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